Kamath Reastuarent is know for pure Veg  Quality Food, Courteous  service and ambience that creates the mood to enjoy delioues food

With its dedication Kanishkha has carved a niche for itself among the eateries in the city.There is the combination of all types of Veg treat right form the snacks to the main course and deserts.

Once  you visit the place you will fall in love  with the food preparation with never ending taste that lingers on your tongue for hours together. Goodwill of hundreds of regular visitors keeps the management on the tenterhooks to maintain the taste and the quality.

Our biggest achinevment  is that people carve our delicacies time and again.

Kamath Reastuarent traditional and inspired creations comprise of a seasonal array of totally vegetarian ingredients that come fresh from farms to your table. With respect for all life and to promote a lifestyle in harmony with the balance of nature through the wonders of vegetarian food, we proudly serve all dishes free of meat, poultry, fish and egg.

Kamath Reastuarent is dedicated to maintain customers' environmental, spiritual and physical well-being through a commitment to excellent vegetarian cuisine served in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere.
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